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Friday, August 5, 2022

Earn Money with Toptal - Toptal Freelance - Toptal jobs

 Earn Money with Toptal - Toptal Freelance - Toptal jobs

Earn Money with Toptal

What is Toptal?

Toptal is an American company that offers freelance software engineers and designers to companies who are seeking freelance talent. Toptal hires a freelancer to work on a project online so you can earn money with Toptal very easily.

It hires freelancers for different projects like web designers, javascript developers, android developers, iOS developers, and much more. Freelancers work on a project for top companies like ARTSY, Butcher Shop, KDDI, fusion lab, J.PMorgan and etc.

How can you start work on Toptal?

To start working on Toptal firstly you have to visit their website and apply as a freelancer. Once you are done with this process you will have an interview where a person from Toptal will be asking you 3 questions and you must pass at least 2 questions out of 3 to proceed for the next interview.

What kind of job can you get on Toptal?

Earn Money with Toptal offers jobs and projects to software engineers and designers so basically you will be getting jobs related to this field. Freelancers get projects on developing. There are many different kinds of developing jobs like Android developers java developers, Magneto developers, jQuery developers, software developers, and so many other jobs.

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Remote Freelance Jobs With Top Global Clients

Design your full-time freelance career with Toptal! Enjoy the flexibility of remote work with the stability of a full-time role and the freedom to choose innovative and challenging jobs with top companies. 

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World-Class Talent

When you’re good at what you do, it’s worth it to find others at your level. At Toptal, we represent the top 3% of freelance talent in business, design, and technology.

What Sets Toptal Apart?

Finding work as a freelancer usually means scouring job postings, multiple interviews, and constant prospecting, all at once. When you join Toptal, you pick your own path.

1. Submit Your Application

Once you’ve applied, you’ll see every step of the process, with a point of contact who can answer all your questions and keep you updated on your status.

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2. Screening Process

You’ll demonstrate expertise in your field through a portfolio or online test, take part in a live problem-solving session, and complete a project.

3. Work with Clients and get paid on time

Congratulations! As the newest member of the Toptal network, our team will help set up billing and payments and start connecting you to exciting projects with top global clients.

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Earn Money with Toptal Taso Du Val and Branden Beneschott founded the company in 2010. Du Val was previously an engineer at Fotolog and Slide.com while Beneschott was an undergraduate at Princeton University. The name stands for "top talent", and it was started as a virtual company with no dedicated offices.

Toptal had more than $1 million in revenue by the time Beneschott graduated from Princeton. The co-founders moved to Budapest, Hungary to access software developers with fewer employment options than in the United States.

Talent search and growth

The firm developed personality, language, and skills testing to remotely screen engineering candidates and accepted the top 3% of several thousand monthly applicants.

The firm matches business engagements with developers from its network and brokers the terms of each job. In 2015, it expanded to include freelance design. In 2016, it acquired the freelancer platform, Skillbridge, which offered freelance accountants, statisticians, and consultants in market research, financial modeling, and due diligence. In 2017, the company launched a vertical specializing in software engineers and designers for the automotive industry. It also launched a vertical for blockchain engineers in February 2018.


Toptal accepted a $1.4 million seed round of financing from Andreessen Horowitz and angel investors including Quora founder Adam D'Angelo. The company is said not to have raised additional funds since its seed round because it has been profitable. In 2015 and 2016, Toptal's annual revenue was $80 million and $100 million respectively.

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Earn Money with Toptal - Toptal Freelance - Toptal jobs


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