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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Qatar Work Visa for Pakistani 2022 - Qatar Work Visa Price in Pakistan


Qatar Work Visa for Pakistani 2022 - Qatar Work Visa Price in Pakistan

The flourishing economy of Qatar is just one of the many reasons that makes the Middle Eastern nation an attractive destination for foreign businesses as well as investors, workers and other. If your business is planning to expand its operations to Qatar it is essential to be familiar with the process of immigration to ensure that you get the required permits and visas for each of your employees.


Types of Work Visas in Qatar

A range of visas are offered to foreign nationals who want admission to Qatar for entry into Qatar, such as:


  • Tourist visas
  • Visas for business
  • Work visas
  • Family visas

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) resident visas

For the purpose of employment employees will require Qatar working visas.


Requirements to Obtain Qatar Work Visas

Foreign workers require an employment permit and an residence permit prior to being able to start work in Qatar. Documents like the following are required to apply in order to get a working permit


The employment contract of employment

A properly completed application form available from the Ministry of Labour

A medical certification proving that the employee is healthy

A photocopy of the employee's passport

Two passport photographs

Any relevant educational certificates

Employer's immigration cards

The work visa for employment

Biometrics, including fingerprints

To get a permit to reside the applicant has to submit all the required documents 

A valid passport

Two passport photos of the employee

The work visa is a form of employment.

Copy of the firm's Commercial Registration

An original copy of your company's immigration card.

Medical certificate of the employee

Application Process

Qatar is a complicated procedure for hiring foreign workers. In order to begin with the hiring process, you business must be registered in the Immigration Department within the Ministry of Interior. It is not possible to obtain a permit to work prior to the process is completed. As an employer, you'll be required to submit a variety of documents such as a copy of your license to trade. After approval, you'll be granted an immigration Card as well as an Representative Card.


The company then has to apply for the block of work permits for all expatriates you plan to hire. The application must be completed in Arabic. form in Arabic and also provide all foreign workers and their positions in the workplace, along with their country of residence. Approval is issued through the Ministry of Labour.


Once you have received approval for the work permits, the company must apply for a visa to work for each foreign employee. The documents required for each employee, mentioned in the previous section, should be provided at Ministry of Labour. Ministry of Labour.


Employees are able to travel to Qatar after they have received their visas for work. Within 7 days of the date that an employee arrives your business must file the application to obtain their residency permit. The documents required are listed in the section preceding and must be sent at the Ministry of Labour.


After the residence permit is granted, the employee can start working for your business in Qatar. Permits allow employees to work for your business only. Permits may be renewed by your company on a case-by- individual basis.


Other Important Considerations

Your business should ensure that employees know that they must keep their IDs along with any visas that are relevant in all times. Officials from the Labour Department may conduct inspections of your company and employees will be required to present these documents.


Your employees must be aware they'll require an exit permit in order to leave Qatar. The permits is granted by the Ministry of Interior and must be approved by your employer.

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