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Oman work visa for Pakistani 2022 - Work in Oman

Oman work visa for Pakistani 2022 - Work in Oman

The process for sponsorship of a foreign worker to work for an Omani business is dependent on the employer, who has to get several documents to stay as employed for a longer period. Employers need to obtain an employment visa to allow entry into Oman and a resident card to stay in the country, and a residence permit. In Oman all of these documents are available to employees between the ages of 21 and 60 and who have been offered a job from an Omani firm. Employers are the visa sponsor, and usually get the required permit and visas from Omani's Ministry of Manpower.


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Your Options

Make use of your own company


Method of sponsoring worker:


1. Procuring a Labor License

The first step in the process of sponsorship is to acquire an Labor License through the Ministry of Manpower to be in a position to take an employee from abroad employed. The employer must fill out an application for procurement to be sent to the special directorate within the Ministry of Manpower.

Labor License Labor License provides Labor Clearance that allows employers to employ expatriates. A successful application must meet several requirements:

The company is in compliance with Omanization rules, in which the maximum amount of foreign workers in this sector has not been met.

The number of employees to be foreign nationals is sufficient for the operation of the business

The staff members who are requested to work abroad have the proper certifications

It is the Ministry of Manpower will require documents to grant clearance. After it has been granted the Labour Clearance status is obtained employers are legally able to employ the foreign workers.


Employer Documentation Required

Omanization plan, which outlines the positions to be submitted by Omani citizens at specific dates

List of expatriate employees you would like to hire including gender, position and positions

All passports for foreign employees

Attested copies of the relevant certificates of qualifications for employees

Attestation of transcripts of educational institutions

Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of residence of the employee

Attestation issued by Oman Embassy Oman Embassy of the home country of the employee.

The process of obtaining Labor Clearance can take as long as two years. For large and medium-sized companies with a solid reputation and history, they can apply for a greencard to cut down their Labor Clearance process to as little as six months.


Cost: Fees for service vary according to the industry and company. We invite you to contact us for a price.


2. Employment offer for the worker

Employers in Oman sends out a note of invite to employees that meet the requirements and quotas of this Labor Clearance.


3. Employment visas issued

The employer has to get the individual employment visas of every expatriate that is to be sponsored. The employer has to apply for an employment visa for each expatriate to the Immigration Department of the Royal Oman Police and it can be done through a single-stop shop.


Certain requirements must be fulfilled by the worker to be eligible in order to obtain a visa This includes:

A worker must have between the ages of 21 and 60 years old.

The person has to belong to the same gender as specified in the permit to work.

The position and occupation must match the ones listed in the permit to work.

Some nationalities require special permits

Foreign nationals from certain nations require a medical certification

A medical certificate could be required by foreigners living in certain countries. They are required to visit an approved medical clinic in their home country for a fitness test to ensure that they're fit for be employed in Oman. Medical fitness certifications are required for any dependents that will be accompanying the employee. The certificate has to be verified through the Ministry of Health and submitted to the employer prior to making the application for visa.


Employer Documentation Required

An official copy of each employee's passport that has at minimum six months of validity

A duplicate of the Labor License issued by the Ministry of Manpower for each application for form

A letter of invitation or job invitation from a registered firm in the Sultanate

A certified medical document issued by a clinic that is approved for employees of some areas (India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.)

Two recent passport photographs

Any evidence of qualification or schooling

Contact us to request a quote.


4. Residence card issuing

When the employment visa is granted to an employee employee must get a residence permit that allows them to reside legally at Oman during the period of their employment. This happens once the expatriate reaches Oman.

When the employee arrives at the airport, has to visit the Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police to obtain the residence card within 30 days from the date of arrival. The person will undergo an examination of the blood in a medical facility and be guided through fingerprinting. After the information has been obtained then the Directorate General of Civil Status will issue a residency card for the worker that is valid for 2 years.


Employee Documentation Required

Two recent passport photographs

Original passport

The passport copy is copied.


5. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate

If any reason calls for the employee to change jobs, to end the contract of employment prematurely, or extend the duration of their contract or expire, they are forced to leave Oman for a minimum of two years unless they acquire an no Objection Certificate (NOC) This is a certificate that states that both the employer who sponsored the employee as well as the Oman government Oman do not have any issues with an employee who is working in Oman.

The authorization process can be lengthy and the NOC is not often issued. If it's authorized the NOC can be collected at the entry point together in the form of a visa.


6. The employee is able to begin work

After the employment visa and residence card have been accepted at the workplace by an employee, the individual can start working with employers in Oman.

Use the Shield GEO Employer of Record Solution

After you have gotten in touch with us One of our consultants will take all the hassle off your hands. They will coordinate together with local representatives to get the necessary permits organized as well as provide the processing time as well as the cost of processing, a document-checklist, and keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process.


Visit Visas

Visit visas are the most basic visa that permits admission into Oman. It is mandatory that all foreign nationals have an entry visa that is valid in order to enter Oman except if they come from an Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country.

Visit visas come in various varieties, including tourist, business, and family visas. Visit visas of all kinds are not able to permit employees to participate in business activities.

Visit visas last for six months after the date of issue The duration of stay in Oman is only one month in duration, except for family-related visit visas that allow stay of up to three months.

The visa can be obtained at any entry point within Oman or at Omani diplomatic missions as well as Commercial representation office. The visas are not subject to be approved by Omani officials at the Directorate General of Passports and Residency in Muscat.

It is impossible to extend the duration of the visa.


 Contact us today for a price.

 Scientific Research visa


The visas are identical as the visitor visa and are granted to foreigners arriving in Oman for research purposes. They are required to be obtained by the local authority with expertise.


The visa for scientific research permits holders to reside within Oman up to three months and can be extended to a further two months.

Contact us today to request a quote.


Employment visa


Employers need to obtain employment visas for foreign workers aged 21 or more to gain entry into Oman. This is the most common visa that employers must obtain to sponsor foreign nationals to work in Oman. The hiring process requires the approval by Oman's Directorate General of Labor Affairs.


An employment permit requires employers to have a labor authorization through the Ministry of Manpower. The worker must meet the eligibility criteria for approval before being qualified for an employment visa, and this includes Omanization limits for the minimum amount of Omani employees in the business.


The validity of the employment visa is restricted to two years starting from when the visa was issued. However, even after the entry date the employee is not allowed to work until necessary applications are completed which includes that of a residence permit.


Employers with employment visas should not leave Oman for more than six months in any case, unless they are relatives. Family members can apply for the family joining visa, which allows the family members of the employee to live inside Oman but not to work during the period of their employment.

Contact us for a price.


Investors' visas

Investor visas are for foreigners planning to invest money in Oman. The visa must be granted from Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


Family Joining Visa

The visa is granted to the spouse of the foreign worker and any children who are under 21, who are not yet 21 years old. The process of approval requires a letter of the Ministry of Interior to confirm the marriage status.


It is it's discretion by the Ministry of Interior to grant the family visa. Family visas expire when the resident's residence permit expires.


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