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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

AI Cash Loan App - Loan App Download

AI Cash Loan App - Loan App Download

Enjoy Life with AiCash!

Trusted by millions, get personal financial


About Us

AiCash is a Personal Fast Loan APP for users where they can apply for a personal loans online starting from PKR 10,000 up to PKR 50,000 as their needs. Our goal is to provide users with the most convenient loan service in Pakistan.


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S&P Business Solution is a Fintech company.We continue to invest in the fields of financial technology, and have developed a big data risk control system that relies on advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. At the same time, we also integrate big data analysis and AI technologies. Technology is applied to credit review, risk control, precision marketing and intelligent user service.



Easy Credit Personal Instant 100% Online Loan for Everyone
AiCash is a personal Fast Easy Online Loan app for Pakistan which allows users to request personal loans of up to Rs.50,000, anytime and any time. Users have to provide their personal details only.The loan will be credited to the account of the bank within five minutes after completion and approval of the required documents.

Information on loans:
Amount of loan: 91-365.
Amount of loan: Rs10,000-50,000
Annual rate of interest on loans: 10.95%
Service charge: Rs 0-500

For instance, if the amount of the loan is 10,000 and the loan term is 120 days, then the loan's terms and the fee will be as like:
1. Principal: Rs 10,000
2. Interest: Rs 10,000 * 10.95% / 365 * 120 = Rs 360
3. Amount: 120 days

Repayment plan:
Total repayment amount = loan amount * loan term * annual interest rate / 365 days + loan amount.
Total amount of repayment equals the sum of Rs. 10,000 *120 * 10.95 Percentage / 365 plus 10360 = Rs
Monthly repayment amount = (loan amount * loan term * annual interest rate / 365 days + loan amount) / loan term * 30
Monthly payment is ( R 10,000 * 120 * 10.95 percent / 365+ 10,000 ) 120 * 30 = 2 590 Rs
Total Interest Payment = Loan Amount * Loan Term * Annual Interest Rate / 365 days.
Total interest payment = Rs 10,000 * 120 * 10.95% / 365 = Rs 360

How to utilize:
1.Install the AiCash application via Play Store. Play Store.
2.Register an account using an mobile device.
3.Fill in your personal details and then submit.
4.Waiting for a review.
5.The credit will then be credited into your account in a matter of minutes.

Requirements for loan:
Age 21-52 years old
Pakistani citizen
Monthly earnings

Why should you choose AiCash?
1.Disburse to your bank card Directly, less than 5 mins
2.Get 24*7 Access to Loan Anytime, Anywhere
3.100 Online process at a % with minimal documentation
4.Protect the privacy and security of your customers.

Privacy and security:
The information you provide is only used to verify your request for loan and to verify your contact details when the time comes to bill. We protect your personal information by using various encryption methods and security rules. We will not provide your data to other third parties without your authorization.

Contact us at any time:
Hours of operation: 09:00 to 18:00 (Monday through Sunday)
Customer Service Hotline: 92-3105976666
WhatsApp: 92-3105976666
Address: House 18,street 68,f8/3,Islamabad


Finja Loan

S&P Business Solution owns the brand AiCash, to solve the issue of easy credit among young professionals in Pakistan. We believe that young people can get a better and more convenient life through AiCash.


Contact Us

Office addresses:House 10,street 68,f8/3,Islamabad

Easy Credit Personal Instant 100% Online Loan for Everyone

Barwaqt Emergency Loan in Pakistan

AiCash is a Personal Fast Easy Online Loan app for Pakistan where users can apply for personal loans up to Rs 50,000 anytime and anywhere. Customers are required to fill out personal information only.The loan will be paid into the bank account less than 5 minutes after the submission and approval of the documents.



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