Kamyab Pakistan Program - Naya Pakistan Housing - Kamyab Loan Scheme - Kamyab Jawan Program - SAY JOB CITY

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Monday, September 5, 2022

Kamyab Pakistan Program - Naya Pakistan Housing - Kamyab Loan Scheme - Kamyab Jawan Program

Kamyab Pakistan Program

Kamyab Pakistan Program - Naya Pakistan Housing - Kamyab Loan Scheme - Kamyab Jawan Program


 Kamyab Pakistan Program

Kamyab Karobar
Kamyab Kissan
Naya Pakistan Low-Cost Housing
Kamyab Hunarmand
Sahatmand Pakistan
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Kamyab Pakistan Program

1. Holder of a valid CNIC.
2. Resident Pakistani national.
3. No. maximum age limit.
4. Cumulative average monthly family income of less than PKR 50,000.
5. Must be registered with NSER of Ehsaas/BISP with PMT score up to 49. However, exceptions are allowed for T-1 applicants of NAPHDA.
6. Verified by NAPHDA through NADRA in case of T-1 housing loans.
7. One Family can co-avail one loan each under Kamyab Karobar, Kamyab Kissan, and Low-Cost Housing.
8. Max. exposure of PKR 2,850,000 per family. 

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Akhuwat Foundation 

(All Branches List)


Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar: Click Here

Microfinance banks are a type of bank that support individuals and small and medium-sized businesses through small and easy loans and business support. Microfinance banks play a critical role in building any country’s economy, especially the lower class.

1.      Telenor Microfinance Bank              (All Branches List)

2.      U Bank Microfinance Bank              (All Branches List)

3.      Sindh Microfinance Bank Limited    (All Branches List)

4.      Finca Microfinance Bank                   (All Branches List)

5.      Khushhali Microfinance Bank           (All Branches List)

6.      Apna Microfinance Bank                    (All Branches List)

7.      The First Microfinance Bank Limited(All Branches List)

8.      Pak Oman Microfinance Bank            (All Branches List)

9.      Advans Pakistan Microfinance Bank    (All Branches List)

10.  NRSP Microfinance Bank                        (All Branches List)

11. Mobilink Microfinance bank                     (All Branches List)

 1st List To Kamyab Pakistan Program Loan Start
Kamyab Pakistan Program
 2ns List To Kamyab Pakistan Program Loan Start
Coming Soon...
It is an entrepreneurship clean and interest-free loan of up to Rs 500,000 to be repaid in equal monthly instalments in up to three years.
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These are small Agri Loans of up to Rs 150,000 for crop inputs and/or up-to Rs.  200,000 for farm machinery & equipment for farmers with landholding up to 12.5 acres to be repaid in lump sump in two Crop Cycles in a year for 6 months each (max. 1 year).  Financing for Machinery/ Equipment will be up to 1 year.
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Loans for the construction of houses up to Rs 2.7 million will be distributed on easy terms. The loan tenor can be up to 20 years however, the subsidy will be paid up to 15 years. The size of the house should be 125 square yards (5 marlas).
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KPP is aimed to integrate with government’s ongoing Skill Development Program for educational and vocational training. Accordingly, it is being envisioned that these trained citizens shall also have access to finance and this collaboration shall be rebranded as “Kamyab Hunarmand”.
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Under “Sahatmand Pakistan”, it will be mandatory for anybody availing loan under KPP to obtain “Sahat Insaaf Card”, if the same facility is available in his/her area.
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  Neya Pakistan Housing Scheme: Click Here

Kamyab Pakistan Program

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Kamyab Pakistan Program - Naya Pakistan Housing - Kamyab Loan Scheme - Kamyab Jawan Program



  1. ماشاءاللّٰه اللہ تعالی کامیاب فرمائے آمین

  2. I want this aportunti pls tell me

  3. The first step of the apartment/multifamily financing process is to begin a feasibility study to determine marketability and to market rents and operating expenses.  아파트론

  4. Assalam walekum 57 71 sending message sexually but no reply any contact why I I di 38 404 198 9517 1 please check ok status my apply I loan kamyab naujawan kamyab rojgar

  5. معزز شہری، کامیاب پاکستان پروگرام کے انتخاب پر آپ کا شکریہ۔ ہم آپ کی درخواست کا جائزہ لینے کے بعد جلد ہی آپ سے رابطہ کریں گے۔ 323038906426.1 03322929666

    1. Sharma Ji ko bhi Kamyab Pakistan mein Shamil Karen 03431294712

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