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Monday, May 3, 2021

Japan Work Permit | Japan Free Visa | Japan Govt Visa | Government of Pakistan | Japan Work Visa | Jobs in Japan

Japan Work Permit | Japan Free Visa | Japan Govt Visa | Government of Pakistan | Japan Work Visa | Jobs in Japan

Japan Work Permit


Japan to Recruit Pakistani IT Professionals through Work Visa

Japan has finally started recruiting Pakistani info technology professionals through its new work visa immigration policy. In keeping with a handout of the Japanese embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, “A Japanese enlisting agency has seriously begun the method of introduction and dispatch of IT human resources from Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Japanese corporations”. Most of the professionals are recruited from the schools and from major work places. This merely suggests that professionals with or while not work expertise will each take pleasure in this chance.
Japan is very in would as of IT engineers And Islamic Republic of Pakistan has thus far become an appealing destination for his or her needs. In keeping with the statistics from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and trade, Japan, the country are lacking nearly 790,000 IT skills by 2030.

Pakistan is jactitation quite 300,000 IT staff studied in English as a typical language. It is one in every of the leading technology countries in southern Asia that educates 25,000 IT graduates a year. This suggests Pakistani professionals will fulfill the shortage of Japan within the IT sector. The chosen candidates through this stream are able to get the work visa of Japan.



According to the law, the work papers class has been distributed into 2 sorts of permits:       

Visa kind one and Visa kind TWO.

Visa kind one (Specified Skills Visa 1- SSV1)
Foreigners with Japanese language proficiency and business such that skills will apply for this five years visa. This work visa kind can enable international staff to figure in fourteen sectors of a middle and lower level of labor mean jobs including:
1. Agriculture
2. Materials process
3. Medical care
4. Construction
5. Restaurants
6. Flying field ground handling & craft maintenance
7. Food and drinkable
8. Hotels
9. Industrial machinery
10. Physics and electrical machinery
11. Building cleansing
12. Construction
13. Vehicle maintenance
14. Fishery

The candidates of this visa kind can have to be compelled to pass a Japanese language take a look at and technical exams. Moreover, they ought to additionally hold smart work expertise within the supposed work stream. This visa are awarded initially for 5 years. Sadly, staff will not be ready to bring their relations. It permits restricted time visa renewals and cannot be extended until turned into visa kind two.


The govt has planned to grant freshman forty seven,550 work visas so over the time of five years this variety are over 345,150. Astonishingly it includes 60,000 work visas for the medical care sector. the Japanese government can hold a Japanese language take a look at for the visa kind one in nine countries together with Union of Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, and China. The govt. can sign a note of understanding (MOUs) with of these nine countries to form certain the fact-finding data sharing between Japan and therefore the worker’s country.

Visa kind Two (Specified Skills Visa 2- SSV2)

Workers staying on visa kind one will apply for visa kind two (starting in 2021) if they need no inheritable higher levels of specialization in their fields. Currently, candidates will solely apply for two streams, construction, and construction. It permits visa holders to bring their relations with them, additionally permits the unlimited visa renewals, and will presumably enable them to use shortly for permanent residency (that is given ordinarily when ten years of continuous keep in Japan) too. The quota has not been proclaimed for this visa class. For this class, candidates do not have to be compelled to show the language proficiency tests, instead, they will be tested in associate degree examination against their skills. So first, work ceaselessly, obey laws, and pay your taxes, and you may be then ready to apply for this SSV2.

One wonderful action was taken by the ‘Justice Ministry’ is that it is issued associate degree ordinance requiring employers to pay wages cherish or beyond those of Japanese nationals. The wages are paid on to the bank accounts of staff.

To make certain the standard of this program and support foreigners in Japan, the govt. can open a hundred consultation centers across the country addressing problems with employment, medical services, and child raising in foreign languages.

Visa conversion processes appear to be without delay ranging from Gregorian calendar month 2019 for those that square measure already living in Japan and wish to use for this new ‘Specified talent Visa’ stream.

*Students from the ‘Technical Intern coaching Program’ also are eligible to use for this new visa.


Sector Name              Number of Visas allotted

Nursing care                         60,000
Restaurants                           53,000
Construction                         40,000
Building cleansing                37,000
Agriculture                           36,500
Food and drinkable              34,000
Hospitality                           22,000
Materials process                 21,500
Shipbuilding                        13,000
Fishery                                   9,000
Automotive elements           21,500
Industrial Machinery             7,000
Electronics and Electrical instrumentality 4700
Aviation                                 2200


All the preceding industries are needed to rearrange talent tests for the candidates. The take a look at consists of language and information skills. Till now, solely three out of fourteen square measure able to conduct the take a look at in Gregorian calendar month 2019 et al. within the later a part of the year. The expected skills take a look at handiness dates square measure as under:

Industry Name                       Expected Dates of mean Test Implementation

Nursing care                                              April 2019
Restaurants                                               April 2019
Construction                                              Sometime in 2019
Building cleansing                                    After the autumn of 2019
Agriculture                                                Sometime in 2019
Food and drinkable                                   October 2019
Hospitality                                                April 2019
Materials process                                      Sometime in 2019
Shipbuilding                                             Sometime in 2019
Fishery                                                      Sometime in 2019
Automotive elements producing              Sometime in 2019
Industrial Machinery                                Sometime in 2019
Electronicsand Electrical instrumentality Sometime in 2019
Aviation                                                    Sometime in 2019


Japan has introduced a brand new Japanese language proficiency take a look at named Japan Foundation Japanese Basic take a look at (国際交流基金日本語基礎テスト). For each visa classes one and a pair of, the put aside needed level of Japanese language proficiency is at the N4 level. However, some industries could kindle the next score if they need. Those with finishing three years of sensible coaching are exempt from this demand


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Japan little question is well renowned for increasing numbers of individuals immigrating to its massive cities.  Japan has already hit a record of one.28 million foreigners last year in keeping with government stats. Out of those, most square measure those that hold permanent residency, and Japanese ancestry with a complete variety of 459,000. The second biggest variety is for college kids and part-time temporary staff with 297,000 followed by 258,000 technical interns.


The Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is actively promoting this trade as illustrated by the institution of the “Special Technology Zones Authority” (STEZ). H.E.Mr. MATSUDA Kuninori, Ambassador of Japan to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, expressing hope and optimism, said, “There could be a shortage of IT engineers in Japan, and that I hope that young and plentiful Pakistani IT human resources can solve this drawback.”

The company that has started recruited Pakistani IT engineers is “Plus W” based mostly in Edo (read here additional regarding it here). It is running a venture with the Japanese Embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan to recruit young IT professionals to Japan. the corporate started operating in 2020 and has already had one,000 Pakistani IT engineers in their pool. the corporate additionally confirmed on their web site that, “we collaborate with *Mr. Mahmood Zafar, United Nations agency is well-acquainted with Pakistani and Japanese contacts, to recruit the IT talent from Islamic Republic of Pakistan. within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, we'll offer versatile work designs like offshore development, in addition as our hallmark, hospitable support by our Pakistani workers thus staff could assimilate into Japan before and once the hiring.


We will additionally endeavor to create a community of foreign staff in Japan to support and follow up with Pakistani skills there. Within the future, we will collaborate with faculties and education facilities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan to bring awareness regarding the Japanese language, culture, and companies. We’ll try to secure higher human resources and supply them the place to shine.

The Japanese enlisting company hopes to start out some smart info sessions in close to future in Pakistani universities And faculties to urge the scholars to additionally learn the Japanese language for his or her smart careers in Japan as an IT specialist.

 The company aims to send fifty professionals from Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Japan in 2021 and 1000 in total by 2023. It additionally aims to register a minimum of 10,000 IT professionals in its pool throughout successive three years. This target are achieved simply or not, time can tell. On the opposite hand, the enlisting method looks to be quite powerful and sophisticated. It would are higher had the corporate started recruiting the professionals directly. The officialdom barriers can build it a touch troublesome for the skilled to achieve the corporate timely. The workers organized by the corporate in Islamic Republic of Pakistan will not be ok to assist it recruiting 10,000 professionals within the next 3 years. Thence the corporate with the collaboration with the Japanese embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan can have to be compelled to realize a additional correct and digitalized platform the build the enlisting method quick, easier, and barrier-free.

Who is Mr. Mahmood Zafar?

Mr. Zafar Mahmood’s ties with Japan began once he started his studies at the Nagoya University through a scholarship program offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan in 1979. Once graduation, he extended his keep for over ten years operating for necrotizing enter colitis. In 2000, he joined the MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan Islamic Republic of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (MAAP) and has been operating to push instructional exchanges between Japan and Pakistan. He additionally motor-assisted the Embassy of Japan to pick gifted Pakistani youth for future MEXT scholarship students and provided pre-departure sessions for the chosen students.


His venture has currently taken additional quality as he has begun conducting the Japanese Language Capability check (JLCT) communicating in numerous cities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan once turning into Pakistan’s solely official agent in 2018. His relentless determination has already begun in grips fruits because the range of Japanese language learners in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is increasing with the passage of your time.

Japan’s new immigration policy

Japan launched its new questionable ‘Specified ability Visa’ (tokutei ginou,
特定技能) immigration policy from 1, April 2019. In keeping with the law, the instrument class has been distributed into 2 forms of permits: Visa kind one (Specified Skills Visa 1- SSV1) and Visa kind a pair of (Specified Skills Visa 2- SSV2). Initially, Japan failed to embrace Islamic Republic of Pakistan within the eligible countries however anon, the confirmation came from a handout of the Japanese embassy in Islamic Republic of Pakistan on December twenty three, 2019, that Pakistanis additionally were able to apply for a piece visa beneath the new immigration policy.

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 Japan Work Permit | Japan Free Visa | Japan Govt Visa | Government of Pakistan | Japan Work Visa | Jobs in Japan

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