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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

FINCA Microfinance Bank Loan

 FINCA Microfinance Bank Loan



FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd offers a variety of loan products specifically designed for individuals running micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Comprehensive research is conducted prior to introducing new processes. The processes and procedures are also tailored and customized to our clients’ requirements, helping us create more impactful products. We take pride in providing the fastest turnaround time for processing loan applications. Our loan officers provide exceptional customer services to each and every FINCA client.


Age between 21 to 62 years (at the time of loan approval)

Valid CNIC

Operational business for >1 year

Personal guarantor


Plus: Credit amount ranges from PKR 150,001 to PKR 500,000

Credit tenure can be 6, 12, 15, 18 or 24 months

Repayment in Equal Monthly Installments (EMI)

Convenient & easy to understand paper work

Instant SMS alerts on every transaction

Online Banking

IBFT Facility

24/7 Call Center Assistance

خصوصیات اور وضاحتیں

پلس: کریڈٹ کی رقم PKR 150،001 سے PKR 500،000 تک ہوتی ہے


کریڈٹ میعاد 6 ، 12 ، 15 ، 18 یا 24 ماہ ہوسکتا ہے


مساوی ماہانہ قسطوں (EMI) میں ادائیگی


آسان اور کاغذی کام کو سمجھنے میں آسان


ہر لین دین پر فوری ایس ایم ایس الرٹس


آن لائن بینکنگ


آئی بی ایف ٹی کی سہولت


24/7 کال سنٹر مدد



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